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Well, I’ve been pretty busy with grant-writing and other stuff lately, so I’ve been neglecting my beloved blog. Here is a little sequel to my Animal Inside Out exhibit review, from my 2nd visit there, yesterday. I had previously missed the “3-headed camel” that is in one corner of the great hall (the Diplodocus one overlooked by Darwin). Because that is outside the special exhibit, there are no issues with taking photos, although I must apologize that as usual I just had my mobile phone’s camera. So here you go– a camel anatomy extravaganza. Too bad I didn’t do this on Hump Day

(beefy reward at end for those who view all the pics)

Front view.

Side view.

Back right view. Naughty boy trying to grab the guts. It’s not a petting zoo, kid!

Back view. Kid nearly has snatched some precious entrails.

Front right view.

Cranial view of forelimb. Now I’m starting to get pretty interested in documenting the muscle anatomy for my own records. These AIO displays really do clearly show the myology.

Nice view of right triceps, latisssimus, carpal extensors/flexors, etc.

Guts, glorious guts! Beautifully sectioned stomach, showing “pseudoruminant” three-chambered structure and smaller compartments within.

Right hindlimb, rear/side view. Great view of semimembranosus/tendinosus, biceps femoris, superficial gluteal, tensor fasciae latae?

Left distal hindlimb, side view, emphasizing (toward bottom right) calcaneal “Achilles” tendon, and possibly a slip of the very reduced plantaris muscle? Also distal tendon of hamstrings prominently visible, with belly toward top of image (dark).

Left forelimb, showing elbow region with triceps/anconeus, more carpal flexors/extensors.

Great exhibit. No bullshit.

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