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Breaking up the giraffe monotony with my next subject (too long postponed in my research): how awesome crocodile anatomy (and locomotion) is! Just a teaser, using a CT scan of one of my favourite freezer specimens: the enigmatic Crocodylus moreletii. The frozen specimen itself was quite rotten so I won’t put a pic of that up right now (you’re welcome!) but the skeletal anatomy shows up great when all that decay is made transparent– and when the bones are turned a pleasing purple.

The specimen came from La Ferme Aux Crocodiles in France, which very kindly let us drive down there and come back with a vanload of >20 awesome crocs, which now occupy the left side of The Freezer.

Edit: check out the great blog post by Darren Naish on Tetrapod Zoology, about a crocodile dissection and crocodylomorph phylogeny- hopefully the start of a long series on these wonderful critters!

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