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You know the drill- tell me what you can about this rather messy dissected specimen from The Freezers. What are the structures shown? Identification to genus/species level is probably not possible, but try to pin down the group of organisms it is from as tightly as you can:

Edit: This post had a Stomach-Churning Rating of 5/10. So you were probably safe anyway; if not, share your tale of revulsion in the Comments. 🙂

Edit edit: The specimen is revealing more here; this may or may not help:


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A superficial little post for you today, with a skinny specimen from the freezers. What is it, what/where from, etc; tell me what you know about it!

(upper object, not the ruler…)

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Good morning, Freezerinos! Here is a twin treat for you to puzzle over. Two things, perhaps rather squidlike at first glance, but not cephalopods. There is a conceptual connection between the two images. Can you identify both of these structures? Huge bonus points if you can identify the taxon they belonged to, but stabs at it are encouraged; there are clues in the images…

(labels have been removed to protect the innocent)

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Without further ado, what’s up with this specimen from The Freezers? What is it, what animal etc?


(admin note, 28 Oct 2012: Mystery Dissections 2-3 do not exist, mysteriously. At the time, in the jumbled freezers of my mind, they corresponded to Mystery CT Slice(1) and Mystery CT Slice 2. But we can pretend that MD2-3 are just an eternal mystery of this blog, subject of numerous conspiracy theories that you are welcome to expound upon!)

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OK, I had an inspiration for another short image-based blog post. People seemed to enjoy the wallaby mystery photo, so I’ll start a tradition here of mystery images from dissections of “my” specimens. That could even be an easy quasi-weekly thing to do.

What’s this animal? Binomial required. One guess per person please, unless you all get stumped. Bonus myology-nerd points to those who can name all the labelled muscles without checking literature (I’ve used these abbreviations a lot in my papers!).

Too hard I think! Extra hint sneak peek as per comments; same specimen — hmm what’s this, a jaw or something else? Bad image (these things aren’t easy to come by for photo ops), but quite distinctive…

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