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Without further ado, what’s up with this specimen from The Freezers? What is it, what animal etc?


(admin note, 28 Oct 2012: Mystery Dissections 2-3 do not exist, mysteriously. At the time, in the jumbled freezers of my mind, they corresponded to Mystery CT Slice(1) and Mystery CT Slice 2. But we can pretend that MD2-3 are just an eternal mystery of this blog, subject of numerous conspiracy theories that you are welcome to expound upon!)

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OK, I had an inspiration for another short image-based blog post. People seemed to enjoy the wallaby mystery photo, so I’ll start a tradition here of mystery images from dissections of “my” specimens. That could even be an easy quasi-weekly thing to do.

What’s this animal? Binomial required. One guess per person please, unless you all get stumped. Bonus myology-nerd points to those who can name all the labelled muscles without checking literature (I’ve used these abbreviations a lot in my papers!).

Too hard I think! Extra hint sneak peek as per comments; same specimen — hmm what’s this, a jaw or something else? Bad image (these things aren’t easy to come by for photo ops), but quite distinctive…

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